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Airprint very slow


I have a new Canon MF229dw laser multi-function printer with Airprint.  Trying to print either from my iPad Air or iPhone 6 running iOS8.1.1 I get the following:


- After selecting print about 10 seconds of "Contacting Printer" displayed on iPhone / iPad

- Another 20 seconds of "Preparing..." displayed on iPhone / iPad

- Another 30 seconds (60 seconds total) before the job finally prints at the printer.


Printing from a Windows 7 laptop to this same printer takes using the current Canon printer driver takes at most a few seconds.


I'm not sure yet if this is an issue with iOS8 or the printer - though reading the Apple forums there have been a lot issues with iOS8 and Airprint.  Any insight on how to troubleshoot or fix this appreciated, thanks.


Edit - I also have a Canon Pro-100 photo printer, it seems to work a *bit* faster than the MF229dw.  But I also get the "Contacting Printer" and "Preparing..." message when trying to Airprint to it on iOS8 - messages that I never used to get back when I had iOS7 on all my stuff.  And unfortunately rolling back to iOS7 is not an option ...



FYI, the response I am getting from the Apple discussion boards seems to be that it is up to each printer manufacturer to update their firmware to work with iOS8.  Not very encouraging.


As for Canon, I received a response from Technical Support:


"The print speed of the MF229dw will vary depending on the output environment.  Since mobile devices are not as powerful as a PC it may take longer for the devices to communicate with each other over the network.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance."


I'm not even sure how to respond to that one ... so a 60 second delay in printing a short text document is OK?


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