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Why did Canon discontinue their ES series photo printers?


I know I am more than a decade old for that question but recently I picked up a Selphy ES2 from a thrift store and I absolutely loved it. The integrated design makes it much easier to use than my CP1500. With the ES it's just a matter of taking the printer out of your backpack or whatever you store it in and you can start printing right away, no assembling required. With the CP you need an absolutely sterile plane to deploy it and enough clearance around the printer. Despite ES2 is slightly bigger than a CP printer, the integrated design with the paper cassette built-in makes it so much easier to use especially when you're moving around. It's so unfortunate that Canon decided to discontinue their best photo printer along with the cartridges for it. I'm learning to reload spent ES cartridges with CP ribbon and paper to keep it running for as long as possible.



I agree with you. I have ES30. Bought it long ago. Used not too much. Some days ago I needed to print some photos and was not able to find cartriges on market. Could you please share your experience of "reload spent ES cartridges with CP ribbon and paper". Which CP paper and ribbon do you take for that? Do you have to cut them somehow to use in spent ES cartriges?

Thank you