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Canon Ivy CLIQ +2 won’t shut off


The situation begins with me trying to print out a collage from my iPhone to the Canon Ivy CLIQ +2. But for some unknown reason, the app would continuously glitch. I closed and reopened the app multiple times, with the Canon operating as normal—meaning it would turn off after 3 minutes. Until upon reopening the app and making another attempt to print out the collage, at which point it again would not print, showing me an icon stating the “Printer is Busy”—even as I only had ONE print waiting in the queue (the collage). So as the issue continued, I gave up and decided to try and manually shut off the Canon, but with no success. No matter how long I would press on the power button, the camera would NOT shut off. It has even been over 3 minutes and the light is still blinking light blue. 

I have no idea what else to do except let the battery die out. 

If anyone has any solutions, please let me know. 
thank you!