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which lenses cross fit an ae-1 body?

i have an ae-1 and would like to get some extra lenses for it. which other canon models would crossfit with mine? or which other brands?


thank you!

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Re: which lenses cross fit an ae-1 body?

The AE-1 uses Canon "FD" lenses.  Originally a breech-mount lens and later they developed a bayonet mount style that attached to the same mounting flange.  The lens has no electronics and the aperture is controlled via a mechanical lever.


The modern Canon cameras use EOS lenses... which are completely electronic and are not mechanically controlled.


No Canon EOS lenses are compatible with the AE-1 body.  You would want to search used sources for Canon "FD" lenses (and these are easy to find and actually rather inexpensive because there isn't much of a market for them.)


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Re: which lenses cross fit an ae-1 body?

"... or which other brands?"


To answer this part of your question, most of the brands of today made FD lenses.  Plus there are a few that are no longer in business.  The key, as Tim Campbell said, is to look for "FD" in the naming convention.  For the large part, you are going to be in the used market.  I know on no manufacturer currently making FD lenses.

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