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50mm lens recommendations for the EOS 50 Mark II


Last year, I bought a Canon m50 m2 for my GF, and now I am looking for a 50 mm (ff) equal for the camera.

Truth be told, I'm quite intrigued by the vast world of Canon lenses (as a dedicated Sony user), and I'm currently facing a challenge. I'm on the hunt for a 50 mm (ff) lens that's compatible with the Canon m50 m2, ideally without the need for an adapter and at a reasonable cost.



What do you mean by 50mm (ff)?

Do you want a prime, or is a zoom OK?

The only lens on Canon's website is the 22 mm prime which would be equivalent to 35mm on a full frame. Other than that, you would need used or refurbished.

(There is a refurbished EF-M 32 mm available, which would be a 51mm equivalent)


The only native choice would be the EF-M 32mm lens. The EF-M Mount has been discontinued and replaced by RF Mount APS-C cameras and RF-S lenses. There aren't many native options for the EF-M Mount. The other solution would be adapting EF lenses. EOS M cameras have poor battery life when adapting EF/ EF-S to those cameras. Also Canon uses 1.6x crop factor instead of a 1.5x crop factor that every other camera manufacturer uses. 

Lens compatability pt. 1 + footnotes .pngLens compatability pt. 2 + footnotes .png


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If by (ff) you mean full frame, then the answer is no.

The EF-M system -- on Canon's M-series cameras -- is a completely separate system from their older EF system, and their newer RF system. It is a mirrorless system for crop sensors only.

There are no native full-frame EF-M lenses. You can use EF (full-frame) and EF-S (crop) lenses on it using an adapter. However, since the camera has a crop sensor, using a full-frame lens simply means that you're paying for more glass than you're using. You can NOT use RF lenses on that camera, at all.

Nowadays Canon's development efforts are all on the RF system, which covers both full-frame (RF) and crop (RF-S) cameras.

I think he means a 50mm full frame equivalent, so 32mm or so on APS-C.

Ah, then that would make sense.  I see SIgma have a 30mm f/1.4 lens that seems reasonably priced.  I woud guess one could find reviews of it online.

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Viltrox has a 33mm lens for the M-Mount that you may be able to find for around $280 new. The IQ of the Viltrox lens for the M50 is pretty nice.

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"I am looking for a 50 mm ..."

50mm on an M50 is not a friendly FL, unless a specific need you/she won't like it.

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