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what's wrong with the online photo album?

New Contributor

Hello. I have trouble uploading pictures to canon image gateway the last  2 hour. It keeps telling me it’s updating with a black screen and all my grad pics are on there. Whats wrong? I really need to upload several photos for an important project.


Reputable Contributor

Hi hariet! 

Thanks for joining and posting in the Canon Forums! 

Canon Image Gateway is currently undergoing maintenance, so the website will not be available. The site should be back up on Wednesday.

We hope this helps!   

Is the Canon Image Gateway still having issues.  I have multiple cameras that cannot connect as of 8pm EST,


Appreciate your assistance.





Hi icebarorlando,


The Canon Image Gateway system is back up and running. If you continue to have issues connecting your cameras and uploading images I recommend contacting our Technical Support team HERE or at the link below.