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Why Does Canon REFUSE To Fix Its Online Store?




In the last 3 months, I have tried to report one problem after another with the Canon Online Store.  I've called several times, and I've written more emails, but every single one of those attempts has been blown off by Canon "Support". 


Some of the problems I've tried to tell Canon about include: "In stock" items that can't be added to the shopping cart; items in the shopping cart that can NOT be deleated; the shopping cart placing orders without my permission or knowledge; disappearing Wish Lists; and a product compatibility error that caused me to buy the wrong lens hood.

Today, Jan. 31, 2015, I tried calling Canon, again.  Twice, actually.  On the first call I tried to report an error in a product "compatibility" listing, and I was told it would have to be sent to Canon USA!  Since, I had called the number listed on the Canon Online Store "Contact Us" page, 1-800-652-2666, I assumed I WAS calling Canon USA..  (During the greeting message on the phone, Canon claims that ALL support is handled within the United States.  Looks like product compatibility isNOT the only thing that Canon misinforms customers about!) 

The 2nd call went differently, not really any better, just differently... and a LOT longer.  After going through, yet another, round of "no problems here", I was then put on hold, but not told the reason.  So, I waited... and waited... and waited... etc..., for 45 minutes.  (Yes, I'm THAT stubborn!)  When that "support" agent finally came back, he told me that the unauthorized orders had been deleted, so there was NO PROBLEM!  When I asked why Canon thinks unauthorized orders being submitted in the first place, is okay, he went and got a manager.  The ONLY thing the manager would do, was to tell me this would be "escalated" to Customer Relations.  It took over an hour just to have Canon (lack of) "Support" pass the buck to another department!  And so, there is STILL NOBODY looking into ANY of the MANY PROBLEMS with the Online Store! 

Apparently, Canon DOES think unauthorized orders are perfectly fine!  I find Canon's attitude towards that to be very shocking and extremely disturbing!


If Canon is this stubborn about fixing its Online Store, what will it be like if and when I ever have a problem with a piece of Canon equipment?  Will Canon try to run out the clock on the warranty by turning a blind eye? 


As a customer of Canon's, I have a right to know why Canon REFUSES to help, or to take a look at, or to even acknowledge ANY of the multitude of problems with the Canon Online Store. 


As an old friend used to always say,
"Keep Looking Up!"


Rising Star

Hi Calen!

Welcome to the Canon Forums and thanks for your post!

We would like you to send us an email to, so we can look into this further for you! Please send us your contact information, order numbers, and any other details that you think may be helpful.


We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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