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When will Canon drivers be updated for Mac Big Sur operating system?


The current drivers for Canon printers on Apple produts have never worked with the beta of the Big Sur operating system. (they only print table outlines but no text).  Feedback to Apple acknowledges that many people have reported this but the reply is the "OS is operating as currently designed", meaning Apple feels its Canon's problem.


Once the OS is public, how long will it be until Canon releases updated drivers? Anyone have any insight, experience, or notion of when (or if) they will do so?


Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 4.06.55 PM.pngThis solved my problem! EASY FIX!


IPF8400 on Big Sur with print Plugin and Print Layout Plugin not printing... Wlorks for Catalina too, Maybe other Printer models??


Had trouble with Export to IPF8400 Print Plugin. Latest driver (5.50), Plugin (6.0.2) and Photoshop (21.2.2). Everything would appear to work (artwork would preview fine, spool fine and bring up the Print Monitor), but nothing would appear at the printer.

The fix:

• Export>IPF8400 Print Plugin

• Click "Set Configuration" on main window 

• Turn off "Perform printing in the background"

• Set up printing, etc., as normal

The setting should be remembered from then on.



Print Studio Pro plugin update.

Having emailed Canon ofor the possible update for Print Studio Pro plugin driver I recived the reply below.


"In response to your enquiry regarding to the macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) Print Studio Pro plugin compatible with your PIXMA PRO-10 device, we regret to inform you that the software for this operating system have not yet been developed.

Canon are currently working on development of these drivers and software and will be available as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have a release date of when this will be.

We therefore advise to consult our download centre, as they will available to download and install from there. Please find the link to this section below."


I cannot believe that such a big company is so slow on this!

Print Studio Pro update.

Just downloaded the PSP plugin for Lightroom from South East Asia.  At last! 


Seems to work ok.

I owned three models of Canon: 2 of which were just purchased 6 months ago and 3 months ago.


NOw I cant get it linked to Big Spur. What a dissapointment and depressing circumstances. Had voiced this to Apple as well for the inconsiderate move. Easy suggestion from them - do not upgrade but we all know that somethings get in the way when you dont upgrade.




I was personally having these issues with a Canon C2225. The US site does not offer any drivers for Big Sur, however, the UK site does. Downloading the drivers for the "C2225i" and installing the utility ( found here fixed them without any further configuration on my part. I assume this might work with some others that are not currently printing.

Downloading from the Canon U.K. site totally worked for me -- I manually edited the URL for our copier model, and the driver installed and printing worked. THANK YOU!

I hasten to add to avoid confusion, in my case the printer driver is ok and the printer is working ok but what I cannot use is the Print Studio Pro plugin that is recommended if you are using Canon camera and Canon printer. This I gather has not been updated to Big Sur yet.


I have the Same problem.


I got the Big Sur driver on the Canon Singapore site for our MF8380Cdw


Upset my printer won't work now I've updated to Big Sur.  I  really don't want to have to buy a new printer especially as I've recently bought an entire set of printer inks.  Do any Canon printers work with Big Sur? or do I have to buy another make?

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