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Upgrading from a T5i

New Contributor

Hey everyone, I am currently looking into upgrading my camera body to improve upon my photography, a hobby I have just recently found myself returning to.

I want to try different types of photography to get re-acquainted with it, but my real passion is capturing photos of people, and portraits.

I am currently debating between a 90D or a RP, but I am leaning towards 90D. But I would like to ask everyone on here to see what my best option is. My goal is to get a body only to stay under 1500.


Honored Contributor

What lenses do you have? What doesn't the T5i do that you want it to?

Forum Elite

"I am currently debating between a 90D or a RP,..."


Just a short while back, I would have said go 90D and don't look back.  However, that era is gone and any upgrade should be towards a mirrorless body and lenses.  That is the future and also yours. Use what you have as a bcakup.


Still a 90D will be a valid choice for a long while yet.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!