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Sites with padded dividers


I need to buy more padded dividers. But I need only a select size and amount but not a the replacement sets. It shouldn't be even a brand. Amazon and B&H have been of no assistance. Where do you all buy your replacement padded dividers? Would my best choice purchase a whole substitution set? I'd preferably maintain a strategic distance from the 50-70 dollar costs for the sets and spend a 20 or 30 on the correct dividers I require - and saves.

I want to paddle a "custom" carry and storage case. Not much or expert yet appropriate for home storage and transportation with an exceptional cool factor. I'll make certain to post pictures once I complete it. The paddled divider sets I've found don't coordinate the measurements I require, and in the event that they do it's solitary one of two measurements Length and Width, tallness has been realitivly simple to meet or remain under and I'd have to pay around 110 dollars for the two sets together.

Any sites with such dividers would be highly valued!


Domke sells (or at least used to sell) divider sets for their cases. But at least some of them had the odd characteristic that the resulting spaces were generally way too small for modern equipment.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


I think most camera bag companies offer divider sets. Call'em and ask.  I got several sets from Tamrac.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!