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Scanning subsequent pages


I have a Canon CanoScan 90000F Mark II scanner and I utilize Canon IJ scan utility.  When I scan a document, it does not give me the option to scan additional pages. I have to initiate a new sacn for each page and get a separate file for each page. Because of this, I cannot keep multple pages together.  I do have the latest downloads and employ a Mac.


Can anyone suggest a fix?


TIA,  Joe



Hi Joe!


Thanks for reaching out, we're happy to help! 


Because the CanoScan 9000 Mark II doesn't have an AutoDocument Feeder (ADF), it creates single PDF files by default. You'll probably find it's easier to use My Image Garden, scan your individual pages as separate PDF files, then combine the PDF files into a single PDF once you've completed your scan job. 


The documentation for My Image Garden details the steps for how do to this on page 65. You can download the documentation HERE.




If you don't have My Image Garden installed on your Mac, you can get that HERE.


Once you have My Image Garden installed, if you get stuck, or if you'd like someone to walk you through the process, you're welcome to reach out to our friendly support team. They're available weekdays from 10am to 10pm (ET) at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). Support at Canon USA is always free, and right here in the US!


use these steps:

  1. Scan all pages as separate JPEG images

  2. Open all JPEGs at once in Preview 

  3. Select all images in the right-hand navigation pane in Preview 

  4. From the File menu, select Print Selected Pages...

  5. Within the Print dialog, select the PDF button at the lower left

  6. Select Save As PDF

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