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Pro-100 Custom Printer Profiles


Has anyone had success in using a custom printer profile with this printer. Glossy generic Canon paper profiles work ok but are not completely on the money. I get a little too much red. I had a custom profiles created by reputable 3rd party provider for a variety of Canon papers. When I use them to print the test sheets the anamolies are dramatic.  Instead of smooth transition of colors steps and anamolies are are printed throughout the test sheet. When I print the Macbeth color chart an example of how far the colors are off one could not find the red square on the printed output. Thinking the provider had a bad day I asked him to do it again. There was no change in the results. I then went out and bought an Xrite Color Munkie. I have the same results as with the 3rd party provider's color profile.


Previously I used custome profiles with the i9900 for years. Still using the same computer and software; CS5 and Vista 64 bit OS. I let Photoshop manage the colors, I select the custom profile,  check Manual on the print driver scrreens, and select None for Color Correction on the Matching tab. Am I missing something?




I had the same problem with my Pro-100 printer. My monitor is calibrated. I use a color managed workflow in Photoshop and I counldn't get my prints to match my monitor. I also have an i9900 printer which always gives me perfectly matched prints. Recently, I experimented with the Pro-100 and I have found a solution. I usually print on Red River papers and have installed their printer profiles for the Pro-100 printer. To get your prints to match your calibrated monitor, try the following:


Open the file you want to print in Photoshop. Go to "File", then "Print". This will open Photoshop's  print utility. At the top of the page choose your printer (Pro-100). Click on "Print Settings". Choose "Photo Printing", paper type according to what your particular paper manufacturer recommends, and set "Print Quality" to "High". Under "Additional Features", only "Color/Intensity Manual Adjust" should be checked. Click on the "Main" tab at the top. Check that the media type is set according to the paper manufacture's recommended setting, Print Quality is set to "High" and Color/Intensity is set to "Manual". Click the "Set" button to the right of "Manual". At the top click the "Matching" tab. Take Note: The following is where I differed from the recommended settings. Under "Color Correction" choose "ICM". For "Input Profile" choose Adobe RGB (1998). For "Printer Profile" choose your paper's ICM Profile which you should have installed previously. Next to "Rendering Intent" I usually choose "Relative Colormetric". Next, click "OK". Then click "OK" again. You should now be back to the main print utility page. Make sure that "Photoshop Manages Color" is chosen. Choose your paper's profile again and the Rendering Intent is set to Relative Colormetric. These should be the same as what you chose earlier under the "Matching" tab. Put a check in the box "Black Point Compensation". You are now ready to print. Your print should now match your calibrated monitor. Good luck.

Thank you for your detailed and careful explanation. After several rounds with Canon Support I came to the conclusion the term Custom Color Profile needs further clarification. There are Printer Profiles supplied by the paper suppliers and profiles built around a specific printer (my printer) .  One can send test charts to 3rd party provider and/or use tools such as Xrite's Color Munkie. The paper company's profiles such as Canon and Red Rivers work as expected with the Pro-100. On my printer they are close but not exact with red being too strong on skin tone etc.. Neither the 3rd party or Xrite custom profiles work. In fact the results are unusable.



I did take the options you suggested with out success and here is what I noticed. When comparing to the i9900 print driver screens the attitudinal Matching Tab/Color Correction screen is confusing at best. If you hit the help there on the screen there is for me a less than satisfactory explanation of its use. As you suggested  when I click printer profile drop down the Custom Printer Profiles are not displayed. However if you ask Photoshop to list the profiles you can see the "Custom Profiles" , in addition to "Paper Company Profiles", monitor profiles, and various Photoshop supplied profiles. If you go to this link,    , you can see a comparison of these two lists.


Guessing at what is happening: Because I can not select my "Custom Profile" in the screen you suggested it looks to me like the print driver is trying to control the "Custom Profile", I choose in Photoshop.


Thanks your input I learned something trying to execute iinstructions.


Anyone know how I can get this information to someone at Canon that understands Custom Profiles? The person I communicated with at their help desk kept giving me template emails about using Canon Paper Profiles.



Have you tried updating your printer driver? I recently updated mine and I have no problem seeing all my custom profiles (paper manufacturer Profiles) under the ICM menu as well as under Photoshop's.



Also, under "Input Profile" be sure to choose "Adobe RGB 1998", not "Standard".


Did you have any luck? I think I'm having the same issue you are. I tried what artjewel suggested and didn't have any luck.