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Powershot or Pocket Canon of High End Quality


I am retiring as a professional photographer although remaining active in videoraphy for now.  I have sold my Canon 5DM3 and all my L lenses and getting ready to sell my 6D and 4 more lenses along with two 600 speedlites and will want to have a nice, quality, useful photo camera and am turning to the community for help since I do not know the consumer end products.




- largest MOS sensor possible

- on board zoom lens only

- 35mm equivilient 24mm to minimum 300mm or more

- f2.8 minimum bottom and prefer not more than f5.8 at the upper end

- jpg/raw

- video avchd or mp4, 30/60 i/p or both

- 1920x1080 video minimum (prefer 4K)

- viewfinder preferred along with largest LED possible

- hot shoe

- built in flash

- tripod mount

- manual & automatic modes

- iso 100 bottom or lower prefered, minimum of 6400 top, prefer higher

- bar type cannot be large or medium format


Current comparison shopping:  Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60


Any help that the community can offer, will be greatly appreciated as I would prefer to stay with Canon if at all possible.

What, me worry?


Sounds like you might want to investigate the Canon PowerShot G3x. It has a 1" sensor, 24-600mm (equiv.) focal length, F2.8-F5.6 aperture fixed lens, ISO 125 - 12800. Shoots in RAW and JPEG, Max shutter is 1/2000, and Min is 30 sec. M/Av/Tv/P modes, as well as Auto/Scene Modes, hot shoe, but viewfinder is optional. Articulated 3.2" screen. 31 focus points, and MPEG4 video.


Main issue is price, $899.00. With the optional viewfinder $999.00.


Steve M.

I haven't held the G3X but is it really that portable?  I was sorta hoping for a smaller bar camera but if that's in line with what I'm looking for specification wise, and not too awfully large, I'm a go.  For now, I've been taking a Canon Vixia HF R60 video camera for pictures (photo button click - which I have no problem with other than) but it is terrible in low light like in museums.  That is, it does fine on video in medium low light but the photos from the same low light are terribly grainy.


One I looked at was the Sony RX100 Mark IV, which is about the same price and looks smaller BUT it has very limited zoom.  I do a lot of hiking and want to often get far away shots and my iPhone just isn't kickin' it.  Moreover, I never pack the DSLR anymore becasue it is too large.  Moreover, I'm not opposed to a small video camera that takes good stills of at least around 10-20mp.


BTW, as a bonus, B&H currently has the G3X for 999 . . WITH . . the viewfinder included.

What, me worry?

Well I'm full of surprises.  I'm gonna buy a 150 buck pocket camera from walmart to do the pocket job for the walks, but for real  the real shooting experience i'm going with a canon t6s (not i) with a 430ex2 and a st-e2 transmitter so that i have basically kept my semi-pro look/feel/performance (24mp cam) with an 1-55 and 75-300 lens kit.  so i should be in great shape both ways 🙂


Thanks for the help all.

What, me worry?