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Post deleted (?) soon after receiving a response?


I posted a message a number of days ago related to touch screen calibration on my new MF656Cdw printer. I received a response to that post today, which was here (from my email notification).

Re: How to calibrate touch screen on MF656Cdw

I was able to view that response earlier today but now it seems that it, along with my original message, are no longer available (both lead to an "ACCESS DENIED" message).

So, I'm wondering if this is a permission issue or if the message(s) were actually deleted. And, if the latter, why?



Greetings ,

I do see two posts listed under your user profile but I'm only able to view this one here. Did your other post contain product links or other content that was possibly against forum guidelines?

The forums also have a SPAM filter that occasionally picks up posts in error.  The moderators review this periodically and will repost as necessary.  You'll likely be notified of it unless the post was in violation of guidelines.

Guidelines are here


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