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Order success?


I placed an order over the phone on Monday for the refurbished canon r6. They entered the wrong email by mistake so I never received an email confirmation but they did provide me with my order number. I never received my manual receipt that they requested either. The payment is still pending in my credit card account. Anyone else ever have a similar experience with no email and long pending duration of a payment? 



I have always performed my own orders online, so I have never had an issue with my shipping or email address.  You can change your email address if you can gain access to your account. If you don't know what that address is, you'll need to contact the sales department.  They can assist you and correct the email address.

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Yea I can get into mycanon account but when tracking my order with the order number and email provided it says there is nothing that matches their records. Under my orders there is nothing as well. I've called and they said they can see the order but on my end I've received nothing to confirm. Makes me worry especially with a pending payment still.

We totally understand your concern and we recommend continuing to follow Rick's advice by staying in contact with our sales team.  They're committed to getting it right and they're available weekdays and Saturdays to help you at 1-800-385-2155.

Hope to get this straightened out soon!