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My Image Garden


Using My Image Garden is not in the least 'overwhelming' it is merely a timewasting frustration; because the software is so narrowly, unilaterally designed.  The instructions are devious and misleading, so that you cannot ask a simple question and receive a simple answer. Canon must have employed arrogant, self-satisfied robots to design the software for 'My Image Garden'. The title alone is enough to make you sick. No one in their right mind, even if they could fathom Canon's gibberish instructions, would use the hideous templates they force on you. To say that the machine can print cd labels, full stop, is actually a false-pretence description and Canon should be prosecuted by Trading Standards for this. There is no simple transfer facility from your pc; you can only use images from My Image Garden or an sd card. Canon must know that their software is not fit for purpose, as they make it virtually impossible to find out that you cannot perform the simplest autonomous tasks on their new machines. A great printer 100% vitiated by ill-conceived, totally user unfriendly, software. What a pity and what a mistake 'My Image Garden' and its related software is!  I am going to have to try to sell my new MG7150. It is in effect, unusable. Perhaps if I was an slavish Canon employee writing the  self-congratulatory blurb which infests every link to this printer, I would be able to use it to write my blurb - though not much else..

Luckily, I am a human being; and can simply sell it. 

FYI: I have sent a copy of this post/complaint to every computer magazine I can think of.



I have  a lot of the same issues


my old cannon could print anything almost any size


my "new"' MG7720, has continual problems, very limited for size of printing, more time to load and change, spends more time sensing then more paper snarls


and, no help from canon, same with new canon camera, what a mistake that was

poor quality pictures and difficutl to use... 


I was a life time HP user until wrong advice from HP rep in India had me spill ink all over my desk and important documents and HP, rep in Texas, told me off for complaining (I turned the printer upside down to get info, it was my fault for doing what he told me to do "you sholda knowed that information is INSIDE the printer" )... as if I known about the excess ink contained in the printer that would spill....  


now I am at the same place with canon... really disappointed

they don't know enough about the printer or software to answer questions and, information on use, not enough  

Hi pleiades357,


What size paper are you attempting to print with?


What version of Windows (or OSX) is installed on your computer?


Have you tried using Easy-PhotoPrint EX to print your photos?


Please note, Canon's Forum is not intended for immediate help, but a place to allow for the Community to give you assistance and feedback. For a quicker response, please use the link below to reach our friendly Technical Support Team:

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note size envelopes and similar size cards, will get back to you with the sizes if acutally needed


using MSpublisher and/or word, windows 7


no, I had not tried easy photo print


I did call Canon, with several points of confusion I had, and could not find printed information on the issue


one was a months long fight with the "cropping" in scan set up window, the crop would remain making it impossible to scan a full page for future scans


 I made a few calls and several emails with detailed screen shots showing the problem, they had no idea what I was talking about, even with a screen shot and arrows at the crop, showing the limitations of moving it


a month later I discovered the cropping disappeared if I cleared the old project 

which stayed on the screen even when the scanning adjustments was opened again days later 


if that aspect was in the instructions, I missed it

but more interestingly, not one canon "help" person I spoke to, mentioned it..


I've had problems with my new(ish) camera, after a few contacts to canon, I gave up 


I've been looking for ways to get rid of "my image garden" since I purchased the printer... 

another call I made... now seeing they had the general idea, but not the full information  


"friendly tech support" are friendly, but not well informed 


worst story, went online to order cartridges... the site is not as easy to shop as Amazon or Staple but, I'm tired of receiving cartridges smashed in bubble bags 

after triple checking to be sure I had the correct cartridges, I could not finish the order because canon wanted to send me piles of "free"  photo paper and they were out of photo paper.... so I could not order cartridges I needed... 

I don't want the paper, I have packs of it already... 

email canon, they say "call the order in" and be on hold 45 minutes to order cartridges?


out of curiosity, I contacted canon through email and phone, to talk about the foolishness of not selling me ink because they are out of "free" paper I can't refuse... 

the impression I had was that I did not understand their policies... LOL