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Lost Registration?


Hello all, I was wonderng if anyone else encountered this issue with Canon. Last year I registered my Canon equipment with ther Website, gotta a reply thanking me. Then I checked and there was a record of all the equipment. Fast foward today, logged in and guess what,NO record. Sales/Technical support says it "DISAPPEARED" ,well no kidding!!? Anyone else have this experience? Thanks



Hi jim2050! 

Thanks for joining and posting in the Canon Forums! 

That definitely sounds odd! We'd like to take a look into this for you and check on your registrations, when you get the chance please email us with your name and telephone number to 

We look forward to working with you! 

Hi. I used a powershot 80 in 2003 - 2004. I registered it, but I have forgotten which email address. I am trying to track down my backup images, and I can't find the camera. I bought it at Best Buy on Bell Rd around 83rd Avenue or at Staples on bell Rd ar around 79th Avenue. 


It might be a dead ASU email or [Removed per forum guidelines] which I closed and tried to reuse. It would be warrantied under the last name Spletzer and first name either Maria or Joseph 
 The stores say they only carry 2 years of data.


How can I look this up?


[Removed per forum guidelines]

Hi, amaraceline!
We have edited your post to remove your email addresses, as this goes against the forum guidelines.  Feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance with your registration at


Same thing just happened to me today.

Logged into my account on the Canon registration site.

All my past products were listed.

So I added a new lens I bought to the registration.

After I finished that ALL my products disappeared except for the new lens.


Sat on the phone almost an hour now waiting for someone to get someone to help me.

Forget it Canon has no clue and must hire high school kids to do their web site.


The My Canon Account site was migrated from an older version last year. If you've added new product(s) to the site, your older products should still be there. Make sure you're logged into your new My Canon Account at


If your information isn't there, our phone team won't be able to help, a ticket will have to be put in, so your data can be recovered. 


Let us know once you've verified you're logged into your My Canon Account what is and isn't there, and if necessary, we'll let you know what steps are needed to be taken next. 

Yeah I can log in but only 2 items there.  One my new lens and the other an older lens I wanted to add to my products.  All other previous products are GONE.

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