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Link failure


I received an email from this site asking about my reaction to replies to a question I posted.  None of the links included in the email back to the Community and the thread, except the privacy one at the very bottom, would work.  


As an aside, after replying to the the answer to my original question, and proffering that the problem was only partially resolved by that answer, I received no further response.



Hi, hafcanadian!


If you're having trouble clicking on links within the email you received, we recommend checking the settings on your browser, your email client, or the site through which you check your email to make sure that clicking on links is enabled. Some services will disable this option by default for security purposes.


You can also access any post you've made on our forum by simply clicking your name next to your forum avatar.


We hope this helps!


The links do work.  I use windows and Android.  IE, Chrome and Edge.  Works the same in each.

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Go figger.  I just received another email from this site and the links as usual within it did not work on any machine I use.  This is practically the only email link issue I've had.  So this time I tried a reply to that email that included a screenshot of the pop-up overlay that comes up when I click on the links.  Soon another email came that claimed I could not reply to such emails from the Canon Community as it is a read-only situation. 


Guess what.  The link to this site that's included in THAT last email does work!



Say what?


boy, this forum site is really messed up.  That last reply is in the wrong thread.


@hafcanadian wrote:

Say what?


boy, this forum site is really messed up.  That last reply is in the wrong DQFanSurvey thread.

Lol sir got confused by some qstns when i tried to find problem simmiler to me .

now have to create new post to do that.