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LONGEVITY of Pro Premium Matte paper? Not acid-free & not compatible with Chromalife 100+ system?


I'm using Chromalife 100+ inks with Pro Premium Matte paper. At first I was told by Canon that this paper is acid-free and so I bought quite a few boxes of it. A few weeks later another Canon agent tells me NONE of the Canon "Pro" line papers are acid-free.


In fact, Canon does not even list Pro Premium Matte among the papers it says are "compatible" with the Chromalife 100+ longevity rating and CL100+ system. What??? Quoted from Canon's own website describing Chromalife 100+ inks and system: "ChromaLife 100+ compatible photo papers include: Photo Paper Pro Platinum, Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo Paper Pro Luster and Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss."

Why is Pro Premium Matte not included? Does that mean it does not measure up to the 100+ longevity?


Most importantly, WHAT IS THE LONGEVITY rating of Pro Premium Matte??? And is it acid-free or not?