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FADE RESISTANCE of Pro Premium Matte paper? Not compatible with Chromalife 100+ system?


I'm using Chromalife 100+ inks with Canon Pro Premium Matte paper. In some of Canon's literature it states that the Chromalife 100+ rating applies to "all genuine Canon papers". In other places Canon states the 100+ rating does NOT apply to all Canon paper but only the glossy papers. I have been told over the phone by both Canon and by B&H Photo that this paper is NOT compatible with the Chromalife 100+ inks and does NOT receive the 100+ fade resistance rating. Then how fast is this paper going to fade?  1 year or less? Canon markets this as a "Pro Premium" paper. Sounds like it is not. This is pretty misleading and very disappointing. It's a beautiful paper, in terms of print appearance, but marketed in a very confusing, contradictory way that leaves customers having to GUESS about the quality and fade resistance they are actually getting with this "Pro Premium" substrate.


I'd like to know what kind of fade resistance this paper really has, IF ANY. It seems no one has an answer to this, not even Canon, who I get a different response from every time I ask. If there are any knowledgeable Canon paper experts out there who can help me with this I would really appreciate it.

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