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How to install Canon Studio Pro in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop (Windows 10)


Here are some helpful instructions for you Windows 10 users. I had a really hard time trying to figure this out and since Canon doesn't want to write proper instructions on how to install this software I did the job for them. So here it is. Let me know if you have any problems.




-Download the studio pro driver

-This is a type of zip file open and install it.
-When it asks you for a folder to install it into pick the MODULE folder in Adobe Lightroom Folder.

-Once installed go to the MODULE folder where you installed the plug-in.
-once the module folder is opened scroll down and look for PSETUP or PSETUP2 file.
-Click either file to run the plug-in installer
-After you click next you will need to select a folder inside Adobe Lightroom (the MODULE Folder) to install the plug-in to.
-Once you select the folder then select Lightroom under the Compatible Application section then hit next.
-Exit once complete.

-Now open Lightroom and test. (you must have a catalog open to see if this works)
-click on file then select Plug-ins, then you should see the canon studio pro option.
-Open to make sure it works.


-Start the plug-in software from the previous location.
-If you are installing only for Photoshop, once you download the software install the Plug-in in the ADOBE photoshop folder.
-Once the software is installed open the folder location where it was installed then scroll down to the file name PSETUP or PSETUP2
-Click on PSETUP or 2, when the software asks for the specific location for the plug click the browse button.
-Find the Photoshop folder inside the ADOBE folder, then select the PLUG-IN folder then click select.
-When you get back to the main selection, select photoshop, then hit next and you're done.

-Now check in photoshop by selecting an image and opening it in photoshop.
-click on file, then automate, and there you should be able to see the Canon Studio pro option.

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