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How to get your Canon printer going in Win 10


I installed Windows 10 on all my PC's running Win 7 and Win 8.1 . In every case, I encountered problems with running my Canon printers and scanners from the newly installed Win 10. An error message about Canon's Solution Menu EX program popped up on system startup. And neither the printers nor the scanners would work. 


The only way I could fix this, was by uninstalling all Canon printer / scanner software on my PC's COMPLETELY, followed by downloading and re-installing the latest relevant Canon printer and scanner drivers.


The trick is to get rid of the Solution Menu EX elements. They do not seem to be removed by a standard Windows uninstallation of the Canon drivers and programs. And they seem to consist of hidden files.


One could use any method to remove hidden program files or remnants of uninstalled programs you have at your disposal. I used Revo Uninstaller Pro, in the following way.  


I went to the seemingly empty Canon subfolder that remained in the Program Files (x86) folder after the standard uninstallation of the Canon drivers and software. I right-clicked on this seemingly empty Canon subfolder. Then I clicked on "Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Pro". To my pleasant surprize, the Solution Menu EX program files were revealed and could be deleted with Revo.


After that, I installed the latest drivers for my Canon printers and scanners and all was well again. I could now print and scan from Windows 10. Please note: I am not advertising Revo.  It is simply a fact that this tool helped me to overcome my biggest problem after installing Win 10.