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How to Create DVD Label using My Image Garden


1. Open the Image Garden tool

2. Select the "Create or Open Items" title in the LH pane.

3. Select the "Disc Label" icon in the top row that appeared in the last step. This can also be selected directly from the desktop icon as a first step (if Image Garden is enabled during start up).

4. From the "Set Design and Paper" window select the "Simple 2" in the Design List options.

5. Set the "Paper Size" to your disc size, e.g. Standard disc 4.7" 120 mm. This can be fine adjusted later.

6. Leave the orientation set at "Portrait" and the "Display recommendation" box checked. 

7. Select OK.

8. The Canvas should now have a checkered image over the disc.

9. With your pointer over the checkered image, right click, then select “Insert/Replace Image”, from the pop up window navigate to and select the image you want over the disc and select OK.

10. The disc will now have the image, it can be moved by selecting and dragging it, if it’s large enough. 

11. For text, select the "Add Text or Layout Frame" icon in the bottom tool bar. Select "Text" then click on the image added from the previous step. Select a Font size and character, type or paste any text, click off the image and adjust as needed by hovering your pointer on the edge of the text box. 

12. Select "Print", Note the size of the disc print area borders can be adjusted from the "advanced" icon before printing if adjustment is needed. I believe there’s other options during printing as well.

click here to view the gallery