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How do you get Canon Customer Service to respond to a request for service? 7 contacts - 0 reponse.


I am trying to make contact with Canon Customer Service to facilitate a repair of 10x30 IS binoculars - I have now contacted them via e-mail SEVEN TIMES (over the past year), and NOT ONE RESPONSE.  Is there a special method (i.e. only during the full moon, pretend to be a pretty girl, say "Pretty Please", or let them know that the next step is to contact every outdoor magazine and internet forum on Earth??) to get them to respond?  I would like to find out an address and procedure for getting these repaired.


Hello?  Bueller?  Anybody?  Anybody?


Sheesh.  I own other Canon products (including 4 cameras).  I have recommended these to friends and family.  Pretty hard to recommend anything Canon after all this ignoring.


OK... pretty please?


Captain Jim B.



Hello CaptainJimB!

We aren't certain what happened to your previous attempts to email us, but after checking the online support system, I found a recent email from you.  It looks like one of our technicians responded this afternoon and you received his reply.  We're glad our representative Rodney was able to assist you.  Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions or need further support.


Ah, the power of the internet.  Yes, indeed, I did receive an e-mail from Rodney at Customer Service this afternoon.  I finally have the information I need to send in the binoculars.  Incidently, I did receive the canned "e-mail received" response each time I contacted Canon previously... then, no follow-up.  This e-mail address is relatively new, but if you want to delve further into the dates and who didn't respond, I will provide you with copies and dates sent.  This has been on-going for over a year, as I do travel quite a bit.  I forget about these binoculars until something reminds me, then send in another e-mail request for service contact info.  Truly, this is the one and only time I received anything but the "e-mail received" message.  This has been frustrating, to say the least.


Now that I have the information necessary, I am fine considering the situation in process.  No response once I could understand... two or three times, implies a trend.  Six?  Well, let's not debate that.  I am glad to finally get a response.


Feel free to remove this thread if Canon feels it is in any way out of line.  In all likelyhood, I will not be participating here further.



Captain Jim B.

A follow-up to my first post here: since sending the last e-mail requesting information on where to send the binoculars for repair, AND the post at the beginning of this thread, I have now been contacted by two Canon service representatives.  They have made an effort to find why my previous contacts with Customer Service were not answered.  All contacts have been helpful and show genuine concern.  Although my previous contact attemps were frustrating, that is all behind me at this point.  I am looking forward to getting the repair work necessary.  No ill will towards Canon, and I sincerely appreciate their efforts to discover why there was a problem.  I was told that a new contact process is in place since my last attempt - if the prompt response I received from Canon this time is indicitive of that, I am satisfied.



Captain Jim B.

OK, one more follow-up.  It is now 17 days after my previous post.  The bill for that repair was supposed to be around $150.  I was told it would take "5 to 7 days" for the repair.  When I contacted customer service today to see why it was taking longer than the "5 to 7 days", I received a new bill...


FOR $846.31


I was told the new charge was because the binoculars "had been immersed in water."  ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!!  Never even used in the rain.  That price, by the way, is more than the binoculars originally cost.  I thought I was finally able to get the service work I have trying to arrange, FOR MONTHS, accomplished.  There was no mention of this SUPPOSED immersion damage in the first repair estimate.  Let this be a lesson for those who have purchased Canon products and try to get a repair done: be quiet; don't question how long a repair will take, even if they tell you "5 to 7 days"  and you patiently wait nearly three times that length of time.  Question them, and the bill will more than quadruple!


I am angry and appalled.  I have no doubt that this new bill was issued as a punitive action for contacting customer service to find out why the repair was taking longer than I was originally told.


I called customer service again this afternoon to question this new, outrageous, charge, and I was told a supervisor would be calling me right back.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but that didn't happen, either.


I don't need another apology from someone at Canon - I need CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Not lip service.



Captain James Bathurst



I have been discussing this on a bunch of different forums this evening.  One person asked me what a new pair of 10x30is binoculars sells for currently.  I had to look it up: $419.99 from Amazon, with free shipping.


Less than HALF what Canon repair wanted to charge me to "fix" the ones I sent in.  No doubt, Canon will remove this thread, because they will find it "offensive."  I understand - I am very offended!

WOW, Captain Jim, ...Following your Story,  I think that has to be one of the Worst Customer Service Stories out there!!..


I was thinking of Buying The Same Bino's and was researching and Came across this thread......Sure is making me think twice.......I wonder why they told you one Price, Then switched to more than Double the price of the Binos.......You would think Cannon Would want to make their Customers happy, Giving all the other Cannon products you've bought and Fix yours for what they said they would, I mean Its not like they don't make enough money as it is....Lol. 


Maybe someone dropped the Ball at Cannon, and They'll do the Right thing....Good Luck..


I've also owned a few Canon Cameras and never had a problem...Good Thing after reading this. 

I will be following this also, as I came up with this thread when searching about the 10x30 IS binoculars that I am thinking about purchasing. I like the binoculars, but was wondering about the service from the company. Thanks for this thread, I will be looking to see if it gets resolved finally.


I own Canon cameras right now and am hoping nothing goes bad on them.

Hi CaptianJimB! Be sure to check your Inbox for the latest correspondence from us about this. We’re sure we can come to a resolution for you!  

Message received.  I will post again when this is resolved.  I was obviously premature earlier in thinking the repair was going as scheduled.

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