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Have I been put on the bad guy list here in Canon Community?

I say that because all of a sudden nobody's replying to my questions, either the ones that people had been replying to before or my 2 new ones. Maybe I did or said something offensive? I really didn't mean to, since I need help on an issue currently. I’m having horrible troubles with simple black printing. I’ve tried everything including using a generic syringe inkjet printhead cleaning kit. 


Hi, vankjeff!  You're not on any blacklist or anything.  I posted advice on how to get support for your PIXMA MX922 a little faster, and I've also consolidated your various threads on that same topic into a single thread to make it easier to keep track of everything.  We've also sent that printer inquiry up to one of our subject matter experts so that they can weigh in.

Thanks for contributing!

Thanks Danny. I got a few Replies today. I really appreciate your combination of all my madness and your possibly getting an expert to let me know what to try. I’m in no hurry to fix it since it’s just a home computer’s printer that I have no use for on the regular basis. But you know how it is, if you have something you wanted to work. My daughter keeps telling me to just take things to the UPS store and have them printed. But that’s not me.

Somebody told me to register my printer, which it was long ago, so that I could dig into some knowledge databases and get other ideas for support. But this printer is too old to pay anyone to fix plus the way things are these days, everything‘s pretty much a throwaway if too much is broken or not working right.

I am a fix it myself type guy.

Thanks Danny. I appreciate your help. I’m a big user & helper over on the Microsoft Answers user’s forum. I’ve done nothing on fixing my Canon Pixma MX922 as I await any advice from the subject matter expert you asked to weigh in. Can’t even print anything with it right now with the way it is. 

Hope that’s soon ‘cause I keep getting tempted everyday to try something new that I’ve dreamt up. 😉