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Firmware Update Wishlist


Not sure about you guys but I wish it was possible to have a built-in intervalometer!



Seconded, this is a major pet peeve of mine! 

A firmware focus puller would be nice for video!




How about extended auto focus adjustment limits, automated calibration, multi-point adjustments, and a fixed or repair verdict?



I agree wholeheartedly with the sugestion of a built in intervole meter .

The f/8 AF ability for my 5d3 now instead of next April!!


- Automatic AF micro-adjust

- Exposure times greater than 30 seconds without B

- Arbitrary many custom modes (C1, C2, ...) selectable via either of the wheels instead of only three

- Exposure compensation in M with Auto-ISO

- Very much more possibilities to choose the limits and biases for exposure time, aperture and iso in M/Av/Tv/P modes.

- Accept that ISO should be the third first-class exposure parameter like exposure time and aperture, e.g. so it should be possible to have a mode with ISO on one and aperture on the other wheel.

- Choice of automatically linking mirror-lockup to 2sec self-timer mode like some Pentax can do

- Focus distance in EXIF data (at least when using AF)

- Possibility to retro-actively change the picture style of a RAW that changes the preview JPEG so that I can e.g. review an image in color even when the picture style at time of shooting was black-and-white

- Have the blinking that shows over-exposed areas change color depending on which color channels are saturated

- More flexibility regarding frame-rates and resolutions in video mode, e.g. why does the 5D mark II only do 1080p but not 720p?


There is so much more that could be done, but as the anachronistic "custom function" designation show, even digital SLRs are still firmly rooted in the pre-computer era; only now does it seem to slowly change, e.g. the AF setttings on newer Canon bodies. The list above is before I really start thinking about what else I would like to see in the firmware...


@CH wrote:

- Exposure compensation in M with Auto-ISO



Hi, I would like to make a suggestion to Canon on the 5D3 camera, with regard to the minimum shutter speed for auto ISO. Currently I find that most of the selectable shutter speeds are on the low side (mostly below 1/125), and this may not be useful for handheld photography, or for fast moving subjects. I would like to suggest the following:


- More minimum shutter speed settings faster than 1/125 including in-between speeds e.g. 1/160 (between 1/125 and 1/250)

- Automatic shutter speed based on a multiple of lens focal length e.g. 2x lens focal length (for both prime and zoom lenses)


I hope that Canon can come up with an updated firmware that does this. Thanks.

Those of you looking for an intervalometer should check out Magic Lantern. It has a customisable intervalometer and bulb timer.

Canon are unlikely to implement this feature because it would make their range of remote controls redundant for many people.

I really wouldn't hold my breath for it, if I were you.

Note that ML is not compatible with the 1D, and is only in beta for the 5DMKIII. Works with most other models.