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EXIF & Posting Images


Brand new member; Very first post. My question is when an image is inserted in a post is EXIF data required or is it at the discretion of the posting member? TIA



Hi, Bobgoesdigital!

While including EXIF data with your photo posts is not required, it certainly is encouraged. Your fellow photographers may want to replicate your settings to get a similar photo of their own, or if you're having a problem and you post a photo as an example of it, the EXIF data can give the community some insight as to what might be going wrong and how to correct.

We hope this helps!

Appreciate the info. Thanks

It is included.


Uploaded images need to be JPEG (web browser don't know how ot view .CR2 (aka RAW) files).  


You have the option to include the EXIF ... or strip it.  Many programs give you the ability to selectively strip data (e.g. just strip the geo-location info but leave the shooting info for example).


If you're having an issue and the purpose of the image/post is to ask for help, it REALLY helps to have sample images that include the EXIF data.  There are browser plug-ins that allow viewers to see your shooting settings if the data is included and that can be really helpful when trying to solve a problem.





Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Actually, it would be nice if there was a popup to show the exif without downloading the image.