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DSLR vs. Cinema EOS


Okay, so I am an amateur producer/photographer. I got my first DSLR abour four years ago (a used Canon EOS 7D Mark I), and initally used it for photographing still images. After a few years I moved into shooting video with it, and I absolutely love the way my videos turn out. Rechently, however, I've been noting people shooting with Canon's Cinema EOS series. Now I know nothing really about the difference in specs of different cameras (my dad has a 60D and besides physical layout, I don't see much difference), but I have to assume that the C-series of cameras would better suit me than my 7D. I am shooting mostly fast moving sports right now (football, wrestling, cheerleading...). So I guess my question to you all is this: what is the difference between my 7D and the Cinema EOS series? How hard would it be to switch from my DSLR to a camera like the C100 or C300? And would it fit my current needs for a camera?






People do video with a DSLR all the time.  They get good results. Even though it isn't a true video camera.  It is a stills camera that can do video.

It is best to get and use a camera that is designed specifically for video.  Video came about because of Live view in a DSLR.  So the question became, why not?  All they had to do was process and save the file.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!