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DPP Digital Photo Professional and Flickr


hi there...


on begin i want t osay sorry for my not  precise speling..


im DPP user and lover...i was think of  come to this forum long ago but like it happend i was late so im now 😄 ..


ok point its DPP Software...

on Flickr there is Group where peoples can upload  photography what was processed in Digital Photo Professional..

but 90% of users fomr that group uploading mostly photography what was process in Photoshop .. 

i was join that group cus i was liek to be sourounded by peoples who using  only DPP for own creactions.

i dont have  problem in using Photoshop and i realy love it to but.. bUT now im itno DPP .


so..i was drop few short messages in DPP Flickr group about lack of DPP photos and high amount of photos what are not realy belong to group..but my posts was ignored ..

i was little confused abotu ignorance of Admins about  subject..( admins from Flickr ) have note .. DPP PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY !!

s oits mean DPP and nothin kelase !..but peoples just ignore it and admin pick in own group some amount of peoples who are mostly Prest users on Photoshop .

i dont see sense in uploading Photo to Gropu what it not belong..its  clear and not  complicated to understand .. DPP ONLY !..


i done next post in group..but this time i focus on ignorance ..i was talk betwen words to Owner of group.... gently talkin just hit wall nothink i decided to use  Alternative form of comunications...i was banded..well..i understand why..

group have around 1890 users..70% of them dont have idea how to use mouse.. and 60% of them  never sean DPP.. 

My call to admin was t oremove  photos what are done  not in DPP.. i was removed 😄 .. i try undertand why ..!? cus alternative form of communication what always works on ignorants ? i tihnk yes..

but im not here for crying or  crying..


im here cuz i want to start new DPP Digital Photo Professional Group in Flickr.. but i mena Real DPP.. not PS or LR..but  for this i need  help from u guys..i mean guys from Canon who maybe can made own Sign like a stamp for new DPP gropu..alsow will be  realy graate if some of u  ( best is all 😄 ) .can join time to time gropu and maybe answer for some tech questions ..? if i will fail in..


once more time sry for not precise speling.. hope i get some feedback..


Edit :


group will have name DPP and DPP++ Photography .

but now i know who is admin of that group so im wonder if im allowed to open group with name DPP in or i dont..




roger that...

Hi MztengaM!


Welcome to the Canon Forums, and thanks for your post. Canon USA does have a Flickr Group already established! It's called "Canon Imagination." While it does not focus solely on Digital Photo Professional, it is the one and only official Flickr Group for Canon USA. Feel free to join and contribute! This is the URL for the group:


Happy shooting!

ok i understand Smiley Wink

THX for replay Stephen

 i going in  😄