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DLSR Recommendations?


Hey guys! I'm quite new to cameras, but I've been interested in photograpy since I was a small child. I'm wanting to purchase my first DSLR camera, and I'm torn between the Nikon D3000 and the Canon Rebel T1i. I know they're not new, but I'm planning on purchasing an older used camera due to my $300-or-lower budget. Which is better and why? Would you recommend any other cameras that fit my criteria? Really appreciate the help!





Both are good entry level cameras but the best idea is to think about it as buying into a sysyem. The body is just one component in a photography system, which needs lenses & strobes (flash) etc. I suggest you think about how you want to use the camera & what lenses will be needed for now & what they'll cost, how available they are on the used market etc. Read reviews on the bodies & learn their features with the idea you may need some particular feature only 1 offers. Also note that Canon supplies free software updates to their RAW converter but I think Nikon sells theirs. (if you go Canon try very hard to find one that includes the original software disc).  

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@JudicialFury wrote:

<snip>I'm torn between the Nikon D3000 and the Canon Rebel T1i. . . Which is better and why? Would you recommend any other cameras that fit my criteria? Really appreciate the help!</snip>



if you can get your hands on both of these cameras and "feel them up", my recommendation is, and i'm asked this question a lot, which ever one feels better in your hands is the one to buy, because it has been my experience that if it doesn't feel good in your hands, you wont use it.


a camera is a black box with a lens on it. now a days they are all about the same. don't buy by brand name alone. research the cost of lenses and accessories. have a good idea what you want to shoot. it's really hard to get "si" photos with an 18-55 lens. the frustration will make you want to quit, especially when you look at a $4,000+ price tag, for just the lens, to get those kinds of photos.


cheers from l.a.


As to "feel":

I have Canon equipment, but before I bought it I handled Nikon and considered buying it.  I personally, along with a lot of website posters, have decided that for whatever reason the Canon bodies have a nicer "grip" to them.  You can get ahold of the camera by the deep finger grip on the right hand.  For whatever reason, Nikon is much more brick-like, with their grip being much more shallow. 


I also think Canon lenses are better than Nikon lenses.  If you buy into a system, you will go through bodies every few years, but the lenses can last 10 or 20 years.


That is what made my decision for me personally.  You should check them both out for yourself, though.  Neither are at all bad cameras.  Good luck to you!


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Reasons I chose canon over nikon,


1. Prime lens selection.

2. Ergonomics.

3. Canon sounds cooler than nikon.

4. Big Tele's are white and look  professional. 

5. Entry level FF camera's like the 5Dc avaliable cheap second hand.


Reasons I almost chose nikon over canon


1. Flash, Flash, Flash but Is irrelevant now because of the 600RT.

2. More lens selection from AF-D - AIS -  and AF-G lenses.

3. Really Good Wide angle zooms.

4. Better Sensor Tech.

5. Nikon is my rifle scope.


Neither are perfect but Canon had less issues in my mind.


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