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Connect Station CS100 How to get to home screen


Well,just a brand new user to this connect station CS 100 so please
forgive my silly questions if that's silly to you. And many thanks to
those who may shed some lights to my bewilderment using this
new machine.

So I connected the CS100 to my router and checked and got to know the
IP address of the CS100. Typed in the IP address in Firefox and able
to log into the software environment. Took couple pictures and imported
to CS100 via SD card slot. Uploaded couple photos from my computer
to CS100 and done without issue. All were completed with no connection
between USB ports and no HDMI display (from CS100 to other monitor)

connected. So far so good.

Next,I want to see those images stored in the CS100 and I knew I
need to go to HOME page then select IMAGES. But how do I go to HOME
page? Press the HOME or MENU on the remote nothing happened. User
manual says nothing about these. On the right hand side of the screen
there are UPLOAD/STATUS/SETTING/LOGOUT none leads to Home page
so I am stuck. Please help!!




Think I solved my own problem by connecting HDMI port to another monitor. Fiddling a bit here and there I finally have the Home page show up in front of me. Thanks.