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CarePAK Plus 90-day limited warranty activation - but for a few days more ??


This is an odd question that I wanted some insight where or not I did write in purchasing a 4-year CarPak extended warranty for my Canon G7020.  Now I purchased this printer at my local Office Depot store this past April 22nd, only they did not have it in stock.  So it had to be specially ordered and I would later receive it.  And I chose to have it delivered at the store because of the risks involved in carriers simply throwing over packages on people's homes who happen to have high fences - like mine.  I later received notification via telephone call and email that my printer had arrived so I went over to pick it up on April the 26th.  The printer was installed and put to use that same day.  I has been working fine to this day.  Now I had already established a User Id and password to register this printer, plus another one which had been purchased the year before.  Upon registering this newer G7020. I was offered by the website if I wanted to purchase this extended 4-year protection which went beyond the printer's 1-year warranty.  At that point in time I chose not to, but the website did say that I could purchase that anytime I wanted thereafter as long as it did not go beyond 90-days after I originally bought the printer.  Since I paid for my printer on April 22nd but did not receive it for use until the 26th, I wrote on my calendar that the latest day I had to purchase that extended warranty would be no later than the 25th of July which was today.  However I purchased the extended warranty just yesterday which was the 24th.  But upon doing so I hit a snag on the website when I was asked when I originally bought that printer.  I keyed in - April 22nd of 2023.  I keyed this information because again - that was the day that I paid for my printer.  That is the date that is written on the receipt I uploaded when registering this printer.  However the site told me that I could not purchase the extended warranty because my 90-days for purchasing that CarPak Plus was over.  So what I did is that I then entered April the 26th.  From there the site proceeded in allowing me to purchase that extended warranty.  So it appears that my purchase has been completed although a confirmation is still pending.  Now I need the feedback of somebody to let me know if I did the right thing.  Will my purchase for that CarPak Plus be rejected ??  Was I supposed to buy that CarPak Plus warranty on April 21st at the very latest ??  The dilemma here is that I did purchase the product on April the 22nd.  But I never got my product to use until the 26th.  A little worried here.  Help !!




I have been through your post and it seems like there might have been some confusion about the start date for the 90-day period.

However, to alleviate your worries and to avoid any potential issues in the future, I highly recommend you contact Canon or CarPak customer service directly. Explain the situation clearly, as you have done here, and provide them with the necessary details such as the purchase dates, the receipt of the product, and the registration dates. This way, they can give you a definitive answer and potentially rectify the situation in their system if necessary.

You did the right thing in reaching out for clarification. It's important to ensure you're fully covered by the extended warranty, as that's what you paid for.




Thanks for joining the conversation, DJs1CanonID_247!  For help with CarePAK Plus service plans, you can call our support team at 1-833-CAREPAK (1-833-227-3725).  You'll find other support options right here.

Hope this helps!


Guys its me again, the buyer of that G7020 printer originally purchased on April 22nd but never received it until April 26th. Now again the posting of my original article was the policies that Canon has allow the consumer up to 90-days on purchasing extended warranty coverages for some of their products. In this here case it is printers. Although I did not receive my printer until that 26th day of April, I had written on my calendar that the latest day I could but an extended 4-year protection was July 25th. So I did so on the 24th. Clearly I received an email regarding my purchase and an activation code. Well the code did not go through and it probably was because that 90-day limitation was over. According to Canon's policies those 90-days can only be in effect since the day you purchased the printer and not the day when you actually received it. The last two individuals who responded to my post recommended that I call their toll-free number which I did. A lady by the name of Monique attended me and it all was as I had expected. The latest I could have bought that CarePakPlus 4-year extended warranty was on July 22nd so I missed it by a few days. Nevertheless she was nice enough to process a refund for me since my credit card had already been charged. It appears to be that everything went through as expected or so I thought. I had immediately received an email dated August 14th, that my money from Canon had been refunded. Well it was not until maybe September 12th that I decided to check into my credit card account because I was receiving emails that my balance was at $95.94 when it should have been zero. Well it turns out that Canon had never issued the refund in the first place. What I did the day after is that I decided to pay the balance in full and later call Canon to see what was all this about. Well I called today and was greeted by a lady named Arnita (I think). I explained her everything that had happened since the beginning and told me that she was going to check on that. It turns out according to her investigation that "the refund went through but it never processed". She told me that the refund was going to process immediately and that they all apologize for the inconvenience. Well the really bad part was that Canon never refunded my money when they should have.  I became deceived by their email and later found out that my credit card company had imposed a late fee of $29.00 plus an additional $2.00 minimum finance charge. Please note the 4-year extended warranty for my printer originally cost $59.00 plus $4.95 tax which totaled $64.94. Now add that an additional $31.00 and it totals exactly to what my credit card balance was $95.94. Ms. Arnita immediately passed the phone call to a man who only identified himself as Jason who apparently was the head of the supervisor team there at Canon. Although he confirmed to me that the refund this time should process just fine, there was nothing he could do in order to refund the remainder of the late fees imposed. He said "he did not have a way to refund additional fees or charges". The most he could do was to offer me a discount on another purchase related to Canon. But as far as late fees - it looks like I would be the one responsible for that. Believe it or not - he said all this even after admitting over the phone that all this had been Canon's fault. He also advised me to call my credit card company and maybe ("I repeat - maybe"), they can refund my late fees. But as far as refunding consequential late fees, he had no way of doing that - apparently. He would not give a last name due to security concerns. Today I checked my credit card and so far I have not seen any refund of any $64.94. Hopefully this message will be read by as many people as possible and I appreciate any feedback on what happened here. Any suggestions recommended. Please be carefully with the insanely strict policies of this company. First it started when I attempted to buy that Canon CarePakPlus extended 4-year warranty which can only be purchased 90-days after you originally bought your item. In my case the item was not there at the store but arrived 4-days later. But keep in mind that the wait time could have been much longer. Will Canon not take into account those days when you were waiting for your product ?? Should not those 90-days begin when you actually receive your product ?? And now comes this incredibly painful experience on Canon assuring me via email that my money had been refunded when it had not. I took confidence in that email and never checked, only to find out later that the refund was never issued. How about some late fees ?? How about Canon later not admitting responsibility for those ?? How about Canon telling me - "well its too bad for how things turned out for you, but that's all we can do even though it was our fault !!" Believe me - I was upset at this man and said some things I should not have said before hanging up on him. Again - hopefully this message can be read for the entire world to see. I will keep you posted just in case I never receive that refund in the first place because that is still a possibility. But with a company this famous internationally and this cruel and evil - lord knows what could be possible !!

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