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Canon customer service and stolen product

 I am loyal Canon customer for years owner of many products. I always believed in your products as well as your customer service. Right now I am on the verge of loosing my mind over the issue that has been dragging along since end of November early December 2021 making it over 7 months now with no resolution. I am frustrated emotionally drained and tired of waiting for the company to resolve my issue. I have sent out two products for service to Canon, one item was Canon R6 DSLR and another was 85mm prime lens. While one product R6 was being serviced, I was notified that my lens can’t be repaired due to lack of parts and has been sent back to me via Fedex. I have received an empty box that was clearly cut open and resealed with a clear tape. As soon as I saw it, I immediately contacted both Fedex (I have been on the phone with them for hours with no resolution due to the fact that Canon could only file the claim not the recipient) and Canon. When I spoke to Canon Service department I was assured that they opened the case and told me that someone will call me back to follow up. Two weeks go by and I got not call back. I called again and I am assured that someone will call me back soon. This has been going on for about 4 months until I found out that nobody opened a claim with Fedex and my case was non existent. This time I was given a contact of a person who I could contact directly, again I felt like now we are finally moving forward. I have been checking and calling and emailing my contact every couple of weeks to get any updates, I was told that Fedex didn’t get back to them yet about their decision. The one day 6 months into this case I receive a phone call stating that Fedex denied their claim and that Canon is offering a discount for the new lens to be purchased. At this point I am extremely upset, I am not interested in buying a product from the company that cannot provide secure shipment of the product and make all these mistakes by not filling a claim in timely manner. I believe that Fedex did not approve this claim because it was opened 4 months after the incident, one way or another someone has to be responsible for the stolen item. It’s been few months and I can’t get a hold of my customer service representative not via email nor phone number. This situation took a huge tall on my mental health as well as hours that I spent on the phone trying to resolve the issue. I have never been so disappointed in a customer service of a reputable company before. At this point I strongly feel that I will never be investing into Canon products in the future and I will make sure that other photographers in the industry hear my story. I am done patiently waiting on resolution of my problem, it has been way too long. 


Hi, Katrina! We can understand your frustration. Our records indicate that you've been working with our Customer Relations team. We've passed your post along to them for review and a representative may reach out to you soon for a follow-up.

Have a great day!

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