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Canon canceled my order


I’ve had the new RF 135 lens ordered since December 8th, 2022 but just received an email saying my order was canceled. When I called Canon customer service they said it was because of a pre-verification failing on 1-30-23. I contacted my card carrier and they’ve had no attempt from Canon or anyone (I only use this card for big purchases) to pre-authorize or run my card beyond the day I purchased it on 12-8-2022. There is no problem with my card and hence no reason the Oder would be canceled. Furthermore, it seems shady if Canon is canceling orders without contacting the purchaser first. Seems I’d try to resolve any issue first. 

Has anyone else ever had this happen? Canceled order for no reason and now a reorder means putting me in the back of the queue!

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!