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Canon Rocks!


Just had to drop Canon a quick note to say thanks for building such great cameras. I had a client knock over my tripod a couple days ago and my Canon hit the sidewalk hard. The client looked at me and shrugged as if it was no big deal. But, here's the thing, the camera and lens survived the fall and still worked perfectly. That's says a lot about the quality of Canon equipment. The tripod was extended up to 6' and that camera fell that far and survived. Pretty amazing. Anyway, I don't know if Canon monitors these discussions but if they do, "Thanks, Guys, you are the best!"


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What camera and lens was involved?

It was my old 5D Mark 3. That thing just keeps on going no matter what. I must have close to 300,000 activations on it and it still shoots great.

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I have a 5D Mark III as well. It is a well-built camera and takes great photos. Good to hear that it can survive a fall like that.


That is good that it still works fine. In the film days, I had an EOS A2E on a tripod with a 200mm f/2.8 lens, and when it hit the cement, it struck the cement on the side of the camera and lens. The filter broke (Lens was fine), and the film plane was wrapped a little (bowed the film plane was confirmed by Canon repair .) I used it for a backup camera at that point. I knock on wood that I haven't dropped a camera since. I've seen a news photographer (not to be identified) lean a digital camera with a 400 f/2.8 mounted on a tripod against the car and watch it drop to the cement without damage. I could just see that replay in slow motion. 

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