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Canon Pricing Policy


As a UK Customer who has invested heavily in Canon after I moved from Olympus 2 years ago I find Canon's Pricing policy to irk me somewhat. A good example is the recent release of the 24-70 F4L IS and the 35mm F2.


35mm F2.0 IS  Priced at $849 / £799 / 849Euros 
24-70 F4.0L IS Priced at $1499 / £1499 / 1449Euros


On the basis of the above the UK customer is well and truly being hard done by. I know exchange rates vary and there is VAT @20% in the UK included and that in the US sales tax is added (not sure if it is all States) but in Texas for example I think it is about 6% although it can vary slightly. 


So assuming I buy in Texas and we take the current exchange rate for the £ to the $ of 1.55 then the equivalent price for the 35mm should be £696 i.e some £100 cheaper compared to the $ equivalent and the 24-70 should be £1230 i.e. some £260 cheaper. If say the £ was Canon's base price US Customers should be paying $1050 ($200 increase) for the 35mm and for the 24-70 some $1970 ($470 increase). Note I deducted the UK vat from those prices and added back 6% sales tax. I could have used New Yorks typical 10% if I had wanted to.


It would be good if someone from Canon could answer this question and give a rational response as to why their British Customers pay more. There's little point in this forum if Canon are not going to particiapte in fair questioning of their products or policies so hopefully some one will respond. Thanks in advance, there may be a perfectly good explanation I am not seeing.


Personally I think the Pig is COOL.

I thought I would get the odd condescending remark about market forces etc and not being disappointed I did!

Anyway thanks for replies guys and taking the time to do so. I know about what the markets dictate and I buy generally L lenses as I can afford them so I know where Canon make their money. The market for high end Canon gear in the uk is not massive, and the bulk of it will be bought by people like me, i.e enthusiasts with too much money or people who will push the boat to get the best. All I know is that here in rip off Britain we pay more than our American cousins and more than our European neighbours.

All I want is for someone from Canon to justify it, c'mon you know you want to....

Stoneysnapper wrote:
I thought I would get the odd condescending remark about market forces etc and not being disappointed I did!

Sorry if you feel condescended to.  I'm in Australia and we get the same thing with camera gear and many other product types.  It irritates the ... out of me too. asked the question and you got the answer.
You obviously want to believe that some notion of "justice" can or should be brought to bear. (That would be nice.)  Don't hold your breath.
Well.. the pig's growing on me.  After all I haven't changed it!!



This is the 2nd most viewed topic on this Board, still no response from Canon though....


Quick better shuffle some more papers......




A substantial part of international differences in prices of individual products, both goods and services, can be explained by differences in per capita income, wage compression, or low wage dispersion among low-wage workers, and short-term exchange rate fluctuations.