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Batteries and charger of other brand do not charge do not charge.





I often hike in the mountains, usually three to five days per trip.  I carry four batteries with me, two Canon brand & two other brand.  I was rainy and cold for about a month. I did not use my Regel T6s during this time.  Now I am going to take another hiking and checking the batteries.  The batteries and charger of other band do not charge. This is the situation:

1. Both batteries of the other brand do not charge.

2. The charger with a battery loaded lights up its green light showing the battery is fully charged.  But not charged at all.

3. The charger lights up its green light without a battery loaded.

4. Both of the other brand batteries are in the same situation.


My questions:

Is it all right if the other brand batteries are charged withthe Canon charger (LC-E17E)  Would it cause and cabage?


Thank you.



Best advice.  Buy Canon batteries,,,  use a canon charger.



If you are gong to use generic, I've had good luck using Watson brand.  I buy from B&H.


I used both Canon and Wastson batteries in my T6s.  I'm using 2 of each now in my 6D2.  Watson batteries also charge in my Canon charger. 


No issues 

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I don't see any problem trying to charge the other brand batteries in the Canon charger. Unlike 3rd party chargers, Canon chargers are high quality with lots of protection circuits built in. 


Mike Sowsun

Bought a Kastar charger and batteries off Amazon. I numbered all my batteries so I can rotate them. So far, no problems with Kastar charger or batteries. This is like auto parts. Some after-market parts won't work. Had this happen once.


Thank you.

I bought the after-market battereis five years ago and used then quite often.  Maybe they are exhausted or the charger broken down.  I do not know.  I am trying to find out which causes the problem.



Thank you.

Thank you for your good advice.  I'll try to test-charge the 3rd party batteries in my Canon battery charger.

Appreciate your help.


Thank you for your good advice.  I'll check the Watson batteries when I buy new batteries the nest time .



"Canon chargers are high quality with lots of protection circuits built in."


I don't know if this is accurate advice or not but I suspect not.  The off brand batteries don't have any ability to use the abilities of the Canon charger. I would urge you to stick with Canon batteries.  You are not talking a huge price difference especially when you know the Canon batteries will work and protect your camera. I can almost understand the rational for someone with a 1 series because the Canon brand batteries are very expensive. I did say "almost". Smiley Happy


Most of the time, and my experience, with off brand batteries that are cheaper don't last as long a Canon batteries.  So, that makes the cost saving even less.


My advice, stick with Canon.  You are not talking a great deal of money savings here.

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