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Canon AT-1




Im trying to get back into, for a short while, using film and i pulled out my grandfathers AT-1 that he brought with him, when he was in the war, to germany and im doing some maintenance and shot with it today got the film developed and im looking at the images and there are vertical black lines that appear on the image. I would assume it would be due to an incosistent shutter speed or something along the lines of that if anyone can help me any imput would be apreciated. also when the mirror flips up if anyone has any ideas for the padding that should be along the top becuase the padding on this one just decayed over the time.






The AT1 is an AE1 with out program or any auto exposure modes.  The bumper is foam rubber.  Any camera repair shop will have it.

It sounds like you need to take it there anyway because the black bars could be the shutter.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


If you want, scan an image and post it -- also post (if you happen to recall) what exposure settings you were using.


I'm not sure what could cause vertical black lines (are they perfectly verticle and uniform thickness from top to bottom of frame?).  If you've had decaying mirror bumper then there may be some debris in the camera ... perhaps interfering with the function of the mirror or shutter.


With no film in camera, open the film door.  Take one shot.  Wind the film advance but do this slowly while inspecting the curtain shutters to make sure they look ok (no debris stuck to them or any other sign of damage).  


The AE-1 had a squeeky flywheel which controlled the mirror, but I've not heard of a shutter problem.  That problem could slow the mirror so it did not swing as fast as it normally should (I had to use a clock oiler to place one drop of oil onto the flywheel to fix the problem on my AE-1).


A "real" camera repair shop can probably help you with it.  If you call a "real" camera store (not a big box store that happens to sell cameras... a non-chain store which is business specically for photography and nothing else) and ask them who they recommend for old camera repair, they can probably refer you.  In my entire part of the state there is exactly ONE shop that does this -- the guy is very good -- and every pro and camera shop uses him.  None of the camera shops do their own in-house repair (not near me anyway.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da