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Canon 18x50 IS binoculars


I have a recntly acquired set of these binoculars.  I am the second owner, so no warrenty.  The IS button seems to stay in the on position, unless I tap it a second time.  My other 12 power set isn't like this.  Is this a problem or susposed to be this way on this model?




Hello fruitcop!


Thank you for posting and welcome to the forum.


What you are experiencing is normal.  There are two ways to operate the Image Stabilizer.


  1. When you press and hold the button, the Image Stabilizer will operate continuously until you let go of it.
  2. When you press/tap the button, the Image Stabilizer will operate continuously without holding the button up to 5 minutes.  Pressing the button again stops the Image Stabilizer.

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Hi Mike, I have a set of 12x36 IS and love them.  Recently they have been constantly buzzing and loosing the stabilization part of the binos.  It's off and on and I have changed batts. to the same result.  I'm looking for the phone #, address for repair.  Thanks, Joe