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Camera memory card was accidentally formatted?

OK! Le me describe my problem briefly In fact, recently, I just re-installed my computer Windows 7 OS and carelessly forgot the plunged Canon camera during that process. And then, after that, the computer just can not read anything inside this camera. There was nothing shown on that camera memory card. So, I guessed, perhaps, I might have formatted this camera memory card intentionally when trying to re-install the OS. Do you have any idea to rescue my camera photos and videos back? Please, help me!


First, DO NOT use that memory card to take any more photos - this would likely overwrite your previous photos, if they still exist.


Second, assuming you are using an SD card, search the web for "SD card recovery" programs.  Pick one that you like and give it a try.  If the card was indeed formatted when you reinstalled Windows, you may not have any luck, but it's worth a try.


OK! As you guess, this memory card is possible to be formatted. But, as to your lost card data, no matter whether it is formatted or not, you can try data recovery software to see whether your lost card data is still recoverable.

Add no more new stuff on this memory card and also do not format it or anything else. Just insert it to your computer and download data recovery software to take chances.

After data recovery process, also remember to change another storage device to hold your restored stuffs in case of data recovery failures.

Here, read more detailed information:


Have restored lost camera card data back with success? If not, you may try my ways:

  1. Step1. Add no more stuff on this memory card and also doing nothing else to this card.
  2. Step2. Insert it to computer and also download memory card data recovery software to rescue everything back.
  3. Step3. Restore wanted data back and transfer them all to another storage device.

Read more detailed steps of data recovery here:

Note: Make memory card data backups well.


Camera memory card could be accidentally formatted occasionally due to accidental format button pressing, camera memory card errors or more causes. When such camera data loss troubles really happen to you, firstly find all camera data backups and copy all possible original stuffs back. And then, connect memory card to computer and download data recovery software to see whether all your rest camera information could be restored back.

Moreover, most importantly, do not rewrite this camera card to cause farther data loss.

Simply check this data recovery article and see whether it can give you useful clues:

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