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Camera from Japan - Questions about menu language, warranty coverage


Hello, I want to buy a camera in Japan and I wonder if anyone can tell me from their experience whether the system language will be Japanese and if I can change it? Will the company's warranty be honored in the country where I live?




Hi there!

The default language will be Japanese, but we have online manuals you can follow along with to get to the language menu. 

As for the warranty, no, if you purchase a product that is not intended for sale in the country you are from, the warranty will not be honored. 

Hope this helps! 

Hey, thank you for your answer!

The product is sold in my country at an official Canon store, will the warranty still not be valid in my country?

You would need to ask Canon in your country for guidance!




Your question is changing based on the answer SamanthaW has provided.  

A camera purchased in Japan will likely have Japanese set as the primary language.

We have seen reports where the language of some cameras purchased abroad cannot be changed to English or due to hardware, will not accept firmware intended for use on the same model which is intended for sale in another country.  Example, camera purchased in Japan, cannot be flashed with firmware for the same camera intended for sale in the US.  While rare, its happened.  

Warranty.  Is typically tied to country or region where the product is intended for sale.  If you present a product (with proof of purchase) to a Canon repair facility outside of the country of origin for warranty, warranty service and repair is ultimately up to the facility, so serviceability (warranty, repair, support) is ultimately at their discretion.  Its not that don't want to help you, but parts to service or repair your device might not be available. 

So, you can purchase a camera abroad.  Before doing so, I'd check to be sure the language(s) you want to use it with are selectable.  Warranty wise, it's up to Canon and subject to what I mentioned above.  Maybe you get lucky, but if your device does need service or repair under warranty, or beyond it might cost you a lot more to send or carry your device back to its country of origin to get support if its not serviceable where you reside.

This should be considered in your purchase decision.  Hope this helps. 😃   

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I bought a 6D in Japan 2013. The language lock was set to 0 and I could at that time only choose between Japanese, Chinese and English.

I downloaded the Japanese manual for R6 II and you have Japanese and English to choose between. Just take a look in the Japanese manual before you buy your camera model.


Early camera models like D30 and D60 seem to have different firmware updates based on region. At least if you read the firmware names like


Newer camera models use the same firmware world wide. For example: has the same sha256 checksum no matter if you download it from Canon Japan or Canon U.S.A.