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Camera Choice


I am a novice at photography and basically self taught.  Would like to get a good camera that I could change lenses and further my knowledge in the art.  I just need some suggestions.  I would like to eventually be able to take pictures of the moon.  Also, I am in the music industry so have a need to take action shots of musicians as they perform.



Your Budget? Moon is easy for shooting when you have a long zoom lens. It has less needs to the camera body. For action photography, it ask more about the camera body, maybe the Canon 7D or 1DX is a good choice.

I have an open budget but want to be wise with my purchase.  I will be using the camera mostly for shooting musicians from up to 100 feet away in all sorts of lights.  I honestly am not sure what I am doing.  I appreciate your help.  But am fascinated by the moon and can't capture it on my little camera or phone.  I have an eye for beauty and want to be able to convey it to others

It has been a few months...did you buy a camera yet?  My advice would be to buy a T5i with a Tamron 16-300 zoom.  The range on that is just incredible.  You could buy a more expensive camera, but it is more about what you can with it than the camera itself.  

Rebel T5i.  Smiley Happy

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Ths is an 11 month old thread.  I suspect the OP has made their selection.

Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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