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CPS having technical issues with renewal and adding products


I have been trying to renew my CPS at the webpage for three days. I also tried to enter new products. I log in and see my page ok but when I try to add product or renew, it just locks up.


I called the phone number but was put on  hold longer than I could afford. When I called the Irvine Service center, they had not heard of it, but did say there was a 7 minute wait time. Very unusual in my experience.


Posted this at FMiranda and got several replies from others having the same issue.


Using WIN7-64 Google Chrome. 



Hi Ben!

We checked into your CPS Membership and see that you're good until December 19th, so if for whatever reason you can't renew right away it's not a problem until then! What we have discovered, however is that Google's Chrome browser does have issues with our CPS site, so we recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer to ensure complete compatibility. If you try one of those browser and it still doesn't work, we recommend contacting CPS directly either by phone at 1 (888) CPS - 4540 or email at We hope that helps!

Thanks and I will pass this along at the FM forum for others. I will try IE and maybe Safari. Chrome and Safari are my primary browsers, but IE is lnstalled, just never use it.

Ok, I used Safari and it worked fine. I have now renewed my membership and have updated my lenses. Thanks again for the help.