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Avoid Potential Costly Third-Party Scams -- Make Sure To Get Official Canon Product Support!


When you need help with your Canon product, be sure to connect with official Canon support.

There are many unauthorized third- party support sites available today, including some scam sites using the Canon logo and product images to falsely pose as official Canon support providers.  These unauthorized sites often charge fees of up to $400 to provide support for your Canon product – and if it is a scamming site, they will just take your money and run, without providing any support.


Help avoid costly technical support scams by following these tips:

  • When searching for support for your Canon product, avoid typing a Canon URL into the “text search” field on your search engine.  Instead, enter the official Canon URL directly into the address bar at the top of your browser  For future needs, we recommend that you bookmark or save the official Canon URL to your favorites to help ensure you are directed to your product’s support page on the official Canon USA website every time.
  • Should you need to call Canon for product support, you can find the appropriate contact information on your product’s support page on the official Canon USA website at
  • Canon USA will not charge for phone support during the warranty period for your Canon product. After your product’s warranty period has expired, Canon may charge up to $20 for phone support. If you are being charged more than $20, it is not official Canon USA phone support.
  • For FREE online web support, be sure to visit the support page for your product on the official Canon USA website at
  • For help setting up your Canon inkjet printer, visit  If you want to enter this manually, please type directly into the address bar, rather than into the browser search box, to help avoid going to an unauthorized site by mistake. 

For more information regarding tech support scams and what to do, you may find helpful a recent blog post on the U.S. Federal Trade Commission website at


*Information provided above is subject to change at any time without notice.



So is this an example of the real support site or a scam one?

Thats the real mcoy  LoL

Bay Area - CA

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I am wondering about other (non Canon) websites offering your scanner software.  Are those scams ?  I do know there are multiple website offering free "user manuals" for many devices.   They are advertised by sites stating you can get this document from this site, but just have to enter your CC number to make sure you are not a BOT.  Really, they can tell what CC number are accurate.
There are multiple sites that use this tactic, all with the same poor language skills and identical multiple replies for various instruction manuals saying the site is OK.
The site you are set to pick up this manual is a .RU  (dot RU)  a Russian website.  Never trust a Russian website.


Hm, my current experience is that Canon will just kick you over to a forum to fend for yourself 😕


AVOID SCAMs when installing new printer drivers - I was online to get the drivers downloaded for my new Canon printer and erroneously went to a fake canon website:  - also  - The fake driver installation "failed" and i got a message to call Canon Tech support at what turned out to be a scam tech support line.  They told me i had viruses in my computer which were preventing installation of the driver and wanted me to pay $80 to clean it.    i said no - hung up and called my Anti-virus protection - McAfe - they did a scan and found no viruses.  Then I found the real Canon website (which is was able to install my printer driver with no problem.

If you do find yourself caught up in a tech support scam - report it to the Federal Trade Commission -



"get official canon product support" that is a scam in its self. they want 20 bucks to pickup a question and each time reaching out they instruct me to use the forum. canon is a scam. three office printer working fine. purchase a forth ,, find out during auto report generation printer will not stay on line.


take it back for a REFUND!!! that's what I'm doing & I just got it yesterday. JUNK & so is 'support'.