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4 Simple Steps To Save Printer Cost


Printers are common and necessary in our daily office life, as standard equipment. Apparently, it helps work move fast and save time. We save but at the same time consume paper and printer ink and toner to satisfy our massive demands. How to save printer cost in our office life or even in your home business?


Actually, there’s no skeleton in the closet and all you have to do is be attentive to details. Once you pay attention to those things you ignore all the time, you will be astonished about how much you can save, more than just money and time!


Step one: Preview before print

Do you ever get your printing unsatisfying? Does this often happen when you print your documents hastily? So you’re going to adjust the layouts or something else and print the document again? Apparently maloperation is one of the biggest factors that so much waste of time and printer consumables. However, we could avoid this from taking a look at how your documents arrange in the printing media, the color and copies it’s going to print, or just if it’s the document you want.


Step two: Use draft mode

Generally a printer is set in a standard printing mode that generates quality as it should be. What we might don’t know is, some printers have saving mode that complete your printing in less ink or toner. In this way, outputs appear lighter than that in a standard way, but still clear to identify.

If the printouts aren’t for official or formal use, why not turn on the draft mode. But be sure to switch when standard mode is needed.


Step three: Duplex print smartly

There’s no doubt that duplex printing saves 50% of your paper cost. It might happen that sometimes we need only one single page, especially in the office. Then there will be lots of wasted side pages. Obviously, we could make a maximum use: collect them and reput them into the feed slot for single printing documents.


Step four: Choose the right printer

Printer is consumable-costy production, inescapably. But the whole machine in early purchase is cheaper than the late continuous printer consumables. Circumstances differ between laser printers and inkjet printers, while printing quality has not that much of distinction. So before buying a printer, take all your concerns into consideration: monthly page volume, printing media, printing contents, color and so on. Don’t deal with your term paper with an inkjet printer or don’t handle your pictures with a laser printer. Or you will get bad quality printing in an unreasonable cost. Try to do a research or consult the printer sales before ordering.



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