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10 x 30 IS Sticky binocular coating


My 10x30 IS binocular coating has just started to noticeably deteriorate. Checking the discussions here it seems the problem goes back to 2013. 
There were a couple of proposals to mask it. Has anyone arrived at anything better than spraying with lacquer or buffing with rubbing alcohol?

Shame really I’m a great Canon supporter (probably over £30k of camera equipment) but find this odd. Probably the wrong coating choice when designed.




It depends upon the coating used but many of these coatings will respond to cleaning with "Purple Power" spray cleaner.  Paint thinner is a more aggressive treatment but try Purple Power first and then decide whether the sticky texture is still too bad to use.

A lot of consumer stuff was finished with these compounds in the last 20 years, probably partially a result of the global controls/reduction of VOCs in paint/finishing compounds.   

I have a really nice shortwave receiver originally designed by the defunct R L Drake company in the U.S. and intended to be produced by German firm Grundig but due to bankruptcy the radio was ultimately manufactured by U.S. based Eton.  It was basically too annoying to use after a year due to the coating but I first cleaned with alcohol and then a few years later with Purple Power.  After the second cleaning, the finish has been tack free for years.

Another Eton E1 XM owner reached out to Eton corp and Purple Power was their officially recommended product and they included instructions on how to overcome the sticky finish.  The link is here but if it gets removed due to forum guidelines, just do a google search for "Eton's solution for sticky radios" and you will find it:


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Thank you for the detailed reply. I’ll investigate where I can get Purple Power from


I am having the same problem with a pair of 15 x 50 all weather binocs about four years old.  The problem is confined to the (actually quite large) eyepieces, but a sticky black goo comes off that gets on everything.  This developed on Antigua, in steady temperatures in the 80s.  I brought them back to NY to get them fixed, and after a few weeks in cooler temperatures the stickiness is noticeably reduced and the material is no longer liquifying into a black goo.

I think i will apply "purple power" and take them back to Antigua and see what happens.



Talcum powder works for me, while also preserving what is left of the original coating. I dust it on the affected surfaces and wipe it off after an hour or so, repeating every few months as needed.

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