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Camera Malfunction of Lighting Problems? Help!

Hi everyone, I recently shot a wedding and I wanted to know if I have an issue that needs to be fixed or if this is a common problem in low light? (I've never experienced this before)


As you see in this photo, there is a black shadow that moves from one side of the frame to the other. The settings are not being changed here from one shot to the next.Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 10.21.14 AM.pngSometimes I'd get great shots, and others would be almost all black/ or half black.


Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 10.19.27 AM.png


Anyone ever experienced this?


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Re: Camera Malfunction of Lighting Problems? Help!


So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know exactly what model camera you're using, the type of lighting that was being utilized in your shooting environment (natural, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, halogen, etc.), what mode(s) did you use on your camera. If you can give the community any EXIF data along with your photos, that might also be helpful.

Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue!

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Thanks and have a great day!

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Re: Camera Malfunction of Lighting Problems? Help!

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What camera body?  Hopefully, it is light flicker and not a failing shutter.


You can rule out the camera body or the lighting by going outdoors and using the same exposure settings.  Of course, you would want to take the photos when there is similar amount of light as your indoor photos, so that you do not way overspose the shots.


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Re: Camera Malfunction of Lighting Problems? Help!

Are you using ETTL flash? If so, we can probably tell you the answer. You may not like it, but it doesn't point to a malfunction of either the camera or the flash unit.

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Re: Camera Malfunction of Lighting Problems? Help!

Too vague, need a lot more details.

Easy way to tell if the camera is at fault or you!  Go outside on a nice Sunny day. Set the camera to A mode, ISO 200 (fixed not auto), One shot and WB to daylight. Take several shots.  If it works, it works, and you need to look elsewhere for the problem.


My first 'guess' looking at your examples is wrong settings in the camera for the shot.

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