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6D Mark ii video tips!!!

Hey everyone! I’ve got a 6dmk2 that I’ve used for mainly photo for a year now. I’ve only shot video every now and then and haven’t thought much about it but recently I got a job where I have to regularly shoot video. As I’ve been editing I’ve really started to notice that the 1080p from my 6dmk2 is actually pretty mushy and just not that crisp. I’m generally familiar with the basic principles of video (like matching framerates with shutter speed) so my settings shouldn’t be too far off. I’m also aware that canon dslrs are traditionally not that awesome for video but anyway: does anyone have any tips or tricks up their sleeve that I could use to make my video quality just a little bit better?

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Re: 6D Mark ii video tips!!!

If your videos have soft focus, then read the manual.  Learn the basics of photography, and get out of Auto mode..  The EOS 6D Mark II was an instant hit with many vloggers.  Why?  The Canon Dual Pixel AF is the best video AF system on the market.




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Re: 6D Mark ii video tips!!!

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Have to agree with Wadizzle.  I don't take a lot of video with my 6D2, but when I do, I'm always impressed with the clarity and sound.  It would probably be even better with a directional mic.  What lens(es) are you shooting/dissatisfied with?  Glass matters, so does the filter (if appicable).  Canon does truly have the best dual pixel AF on the market.  The tracking is superb. 

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