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WARNING Webcam Utility DOES NOT WORK with Mac M1 running Big Sur versions past 11.0


I want to save others the trouble: Webcam Utility will ONLY work for Mac M1 (AKA the 2020 models that don't have the Intel Chips) running Big Sur 11.0. Stop searching for a fix because there isn't one.


Canon: is adding support for this on your Webcam Utility roadmap? Can you PLEASE post a fix to your software? My only option is to revert back to Big Sur 11.0, and I can't do that because I don't have a backup.


I was so excited to use this beautiful camera for work/streaming and now I feel like I just put money in a paper shredder. I will glady return it for another if there's no promise of a fix.





For what it's worth, I checked reddit to see if others had this problem.  The suggestion I received was to download the version of zoom designed for intel macs.  When I did this the new zoom program instantly recognized EOS Webcam Utility.  I don't know what program you were trying to use your camera for, but this fixed my issue.  Good luck!

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Here's a simple fix. You can update to the latest build. Its seems like this is a "Universal" build for good for M1 and Intel. However, after you install, you need to select "Open Using Rosetta". See attached screen shot.


To do this

1. Navigate to the application

Applications >

2. Press Control/CTRL and Click to get the context menu

Control + Click to get the Context MenuControl + Click to get the Context Menu

3. Select "Get Info"

4. Check the "Open Using Rosetta"

Check the "Open with Rosetta"Check the "Open with Rosetta"

Make sure you stop Zoom and then re-start..... then when you do, you should see your EOS Web Camera again!!!!

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 2.57.31 PM.png

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