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Trouble Connecting Canon EOS R5 (Latest firmware 1.9.0) to EOS Utility on latest macOS 13.6


I am having issues connecting my Canon EOS R5 (Latest firmware 1.9.0) to my Mac on latest macOS 13.6 via the EOS Utility (latest)

I have the latest software and have gone through the user manual.

I have uninstalled canon Software and reinstalled without any improvement...

The message I keep getting is:
"Communication with the camera via USB cannot be established.
Start EOS Utility after closing all the apps that communicate with the camera, and then turn on the camera again."

I am unaware of any apps that I have that would be trying to communicate with my camera in the background. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks in advance.

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Canon EOS R5 - EF17/40 RF24/70 EF50 EF100MACRO EF70-200II + EXTENDER

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Programs such as Google Drive or cloud storage programs can interfere with the EOS Utility. Also, having Canon's EOS Webcam Utility installed will cause the EOS Utility to fail to connect to the camera.

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This method should work without having to resort to a Force quit (which may cause issues):

I eventually determined that Preview was running even though it wasn't displayed in the Dock. Once you realize that this could be an issue, the workaround in quite straightforward:

  1. Launch Preview using Finder
  2. Explicitly Quit Preview (Preview>Quit Preview)
  3. Start EOS Utility 3 (I'm using Version
  4. Make sure that the USB-C cable is properly connected between the Mac mini and EOS R5
  5. Turn on the camera

- Pie Lover


Thanks for the tip about Preview.  This was exactly the issue I was having.  Preview was open and the EOS Utility could not connect to my camera.  Closing Preview let it connect immediately.

Who would have thought that Preview was connecting to the camera?

I had successfully connected to the camera from my MacBook Air previously, but this was the first time connecting from my MacBook Pro, so I was really confused as to why it didn't work.

Thanks again!

EOS R5 C with Dual Fisheye lens for VR content creation

My pleasure. It seems like Canon isn't updating their tools to track the macOS releases and updates. I've experienced problems with DPP crashes (with Apple HEIC files) and EOS Utility 3 downloads. For the latter, the automatic download option stopped working a while ago so I use the select and download option instead.

- Pie Lover

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